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Vertical White Papers

  • Applying BI to Voice Communications: Taking Technology Investments to the Next Level
    Communications needs have changed for businesses of all sizes. In today's online, on-demand world, customers expect immediate attention and action or they quickly turn to alternatives. Customers know they have power, and they readily wield it to get faster service, lower prices, and personalized experiences. This Frost & Sullivan white paper discusses how smartly pairing communications technology with business data provided through customer relationship management (CRM) resources can help companies better serve and retain customers, and open new revenue opportunities.

  • Competitive Strategy Leadership Award — SMB Unified Communications
    The unified communications (UC) market is rapidly changing. Frost & Sullivan points out that technology advancements are enabling ever-more powerful communications capabilities at lower and lower costs. As a result, UC solutions are no longer confined to the purview of large, sophisticated and resource-rich enterprise accounts. UC can now effectively meet the demands of price-sensitive small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) as well — and SMBs are adopting UC in notable volume.

  • A mobile architecture, not just a mobile app
    Creating a successful and enriched, integrated and seamless mobile experience is the goal of businesses, governments, educational institutions and not-for-profits — virtually any type of organization. In order to remain competitive, enterprises using Unified Communications (UC) to enhance productivity and efficiency across multiple business facets must consider the seamless integration of mobility — in particular, BYOD — into the UC environment sooner rather than later.

  • Disaster prevention, not disaster recovery
    Planning for outages and emergencies has always been difficult. Many businesses are unsure how to proceed. How much money should be spent? What are the possible threats? Do I need this? Today, businesses around the world face increased potential for disasters that will stop their daily operations, but aren't sure how to handle it.

  • Retail IT: How important is the phone?
    How can stores take advantage of advances in technology and the power of mobile communications and still maintain simplicity?

  • Retail IT: Store focused or enterprise focused?
    Retail Information Technology (IT) Departments: How to balance the needs of the stores with the demands of the enterprise.
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