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Unified Communications with no compromises
Wave IP's simple and powerful licensing scheme provides the full power of Wave IP to all users as a standard feature.
Mobility. The power to connect anytime, anywhere
You can take Wave IP's feature set with you wherever you go so you are always connected and have powerful enterprise communications tools at your disposal.
Integrated Applications
The Wave IP comes complete with embedded telephony and fully functioning UC capabilities including collaboration, presence management and enterprise mobility applications that are easy to use and deploy. All native Wave IP UC applications...
Vertical AppMarket
The Vertical AppMarket offers developer solutions that extend the Unified Communications capabilities of your Wave IP system and integration opportunities with existing business applications.
Reporting and Compliance
Wave IP offers powerful reporting and compliance capabilities ensuring you have complete knowledge and control of corporate data and resources.
Best practices implementation
Customize Wave IP to optimize business processes and drive productivity improvements in your business.
Deployment flexibility
Don't get hung up on CPE vs. cloud or centralized vs. distributed; Wave IP can be deployed anywhere in the network and meet your corporate needs on-site or in the Cloud.
Enterprise telephony features so you don't have to compromise when you leap to Unified Communications.

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