Vertical Voice/Video Quality Monitoring

Monitor, test and troubleshoot the quality of your voice and video communications in real-time.

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Real-time Quality Monitoring for Vertical Communications Systems

Automatically monitor tens of thousands of concurrent voice calls and video sessions in real time for accurate quality of experience (QoE) scores and detailed performance metrics on every call.

Vertical Voice/Video Quality Monitoring (VQM) is an advanced performance management system for SIP networks that monitors, tests and troubleshoots VoIP and videoconferencing performance.

Ideal for voice and video deployments in high-demand enterprises such as retail environments, VQM features software probe and embedded agent technology from Telchemy, the world's leading provider of real-time analytics software for data, voice and video service quality management, allowing for "end-to-end" management of session quality from the network core, all the way to the edge.


Intuitive Web-based Interface: Get a fast, customizable view of real-time quality metrics with the click of a mouse.

Real-time Quality Monitoring: Ensure your customers experience the highest quality voice and video communications possible. Get real-time view of IP voice and video performance from reports on gateways, endpoints and other RFC 6035-compliant devices.

SIP Signaling Analysis: VQM's signaling trace diagrams provide in-depth analysis of SIP messaging for VoIP and videoconferencing calls, allowing you to easily track and troubleshoot call flow from setup to teardown.

Proactive Notification: Be proactively notified of issues before they become a problem. Receive instant alerts when service thresholds are exceeded.

Sophisticated Diagnosis: Avoid hundreds of hours of troubleshooting costs. Actively test and troubleshoot network performance with powerful software test agents that can run on Linux or Windows virtual machines, or standard hardware, anywhere in the network.

Powerful Data Aggregation & Filtering: Keep the whole team up to date by automatically mapping performance data to dashboards at specific locations.

Fast Access: Drill down to solve problems quickly with access to individual device data. Easily locate and access critical data without having to navigate complex and cumbersome menus