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Steve Davidson, President, U.S. Infotel Corp.
We have moved several of our clients to Wave IP over the last year, and I can honestly say, not one of them regrets it!

Richard Medeiros , President, Voice Systems, Inc.
We have a large number of Wave IP systems installed with networking, digital and IP end points, configurations with T-1, analog trunks and SIP and they all work well. We look forward to growing our business with Vertical.

Richard Alexander, President, Alexander Group
With its application framework and highly supportable platform we are positioning Wave IP as our lead product, whenever possible, to fit our client's needs.

Frank Milinazzo, Vice President, BT Communications, Inc.
We currently have many Wave IP systems deployed, enabling us to further strengthen our relationships and commitment to service with our customers.

Chet Lyle Jr., President, Communications Diversified, Inc
We have been using Wave Contact Center in our customer service department for the last three months, the applications are just great and very easy to configure. In fact, it took less than 20 minutes for our customer service queues, agents, in queue announcements and call recording to be setup and in production. The full integration of Wave Contact Center with ViewPoint allowed our supervisors to access real-time queue and agent information instantly. Wave Contact Center Reporter provides a broad range of historical reports, again, conveniently from within ViewPoint. The ability to create any desired custom reports utilizing Crystal Reports is an added bonus. Wave Contact Center is a winner!

Matt Tesdell, Vice President, Tesdell Electric
Using Vertical's WaveNet application we where able to quickly convert the discreet Wave IP systems in our network into one single communications system. Doing so was a very seamless exercise using the Wave Global Administrator and was accomplished through just a few simple mouse clicks!

Thomas Padberg, Managing Director, PTC Telekom
The integration of Wave Call Classifier with our customer database has allowed us to significantly improve customer service by providing critical information to our support engineers based on the caller, such as identification numbers and technology they are using via ViewPoint, before they even pick up the phone! Visual Voicemail, Call Logging and Call Recording are heavy utilized functions that have improved our daily operations.

Thomas Padberg, Managing Director, PTC Telekom
Wave Contact Center allows us to support our dealers and customers more efficiently. Our technical hotline calls are managed entirely through ViewPoint, with additional agents now added to our Inside Sales department and Outbound Call Center. We are routing calls, skill-based, to the appropriate agents utilizing our resources more efficiently and improving customer satisfaction. The built-in reports have allowed us to optimize our call flow dramatically resulting in less waiting time. Allover we are handling approximately 8,000 calls per month with Vertical Wave Contact Center.

Matt Tesdell, Vice President, Tesdell Electric
With WaveNet, our users can now call other users on a different Wave IP system as if they are on the same system. Using ViewPoint we can now see the status of different users all across the network. WaveNet is a great addition to the suite of applications on the Wave IP system.

Mark Whitten, President, Commercial Telecom Systems
It was really important to our customer to have the very latest features in technology without being forced to do a 100% VOIP solution and all of the concerns that it brings to any IT department. We took advantage of the TUP migration program offered by Vertical to provide our customers with a significant upgrade in terms of technology, productivity and reduction in administration costs by migrating them to Wave IP. The installation, migration and production cutover went flawlessly. The customer is now enjoying the powerful new features of Wave Contact Center and Wave Call Classifier.

Dale Elliott, Owner, Allstate Security Industries
Even with buying an onsite backup telephone switch IDeACOM's total solution was less expensive than the competition. In addition, the Wave IP system includes built-in call recording capability at no extra cost, which was an extra charge option from ShoreTel.

Matt Olinger, Vice President, Communication Solutions
Wave IP is a powerful tool! Wave IP has enabled many loyal Comdial customers to utilize the initial investment they made in phone handsets, and turn that investment into an aggressive platform that will continue to grow and develop.

Stephen Godar, Vice President Information Services, Farmers State Bank
The Wave IP system is wonderful. We can finally have a single phone number for our financial institution and seamlessly transfer callers to any extension at any branch! The system allowed us to use our existing digital phones but have full VoIP capability to add on new branches.

Damon Finaldi, Vice President, Tele-Data Solutions
Our partnership with Vertical Communications allows us to deliver solutions to our clients to help them drive revenue and/or streamline costs. Simply put, Wave IP is the best single site applications system on the marketplace. We're able to provide more solutions with one turnkey system than any other product in our marketplace.

Bill Schwab, President, Liberal Financial Services, Inc
I never imagined we could manage our day to day business this well! Wave IP provides us with tools that we couldn't live without. We've seen a huge jump in employee productivity and customer service quality since implementing the new technology.

Bill Schwab, President, Liberal Financial Services, Inc
I originally thought that employees would not take to automatic recording of calls - a key feature included with the Wave IP system. Instead I was pleasantly surprised because we have staff members notifying management of potential customer complaints PRIOR to the customer calling in which allows us time to review the call. We find that our staff members are conducting themselves professionally and the customer is just looking for a reason to delay paying an outstanding bill. This shift in culture has allowed us to run our business more efficiently.

Sam Coleman, President, Genesis Technologies CCG
We have finally found a company that really fits our standards for product, service and support. Vertical Communications has always stepped up to the plate for every request we've had. The support and development teams at Vertical are second to none. A well-developed and well-supported system just makes sense for our customers and we've found that in Vertical. We've worked with many of their competitors and Vertical's product always comes out on top and is our choice.

Rick Best, President, Absolute Security Systems
Absolute Security Systems chooses to sell Vertical products because they are affordable, the customers really like them and their technical support department is outstanding. My numbers can be very competitive with others by using Vertical's products, as well as, saving people money on their phone system. Vertical offers great pricing, warranty and equipment!

Kelly Scruggs, Business Manager, Leah M Fitch Southwest, Oklahoma Cancer Center
We love ViewPoint and it is so user friendly. We can easily setup call transfers onsite, to Doctor's cell phones, as well as to our other satellite facilities. Even transferring calls via just a phone set is much easier than it was our old phone system.

Matt Tesdell, Vice President, Tesdell Electric
With WaveNet, our users can now call other users on a different Wave IP system as if they are on the same system. Using ViewPoint we can now see the status of different users all across the network. WaveNet is a great addition to the suite of applications on the Wave IP system.

Tony Goncalves, V.P. of Technology, Voice Systems Inc.
I am extremely excited about Wave 2.0 which is a watershed event for this amazing system. I am already enjoying the Instant Messaging feature along with the ability to manage Auto Attendant greeting over the phone, the Mobile Extension is also an exciting feature.

Dave Brown, President, Mobility Transportation Services
We now have a phone system that has the features we want and can grow with our company. The Wave IP software on our computers is as reliable and upgradeable as other business software.


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